Electroworld in SM City Bicutan

3 04 2010

I went to SM City Bicutan with my dad to buy a speaker. That’s why we ended up going to Electroworld (SM Bicutan branch). I’m going to tell my experience there, it might serve as a review.

In our very first step inside their boutique, we are greeted by their security guard with his soft and sweet tone. Why am I surprised? because we’re in our simplest clothes! We started looking for a speaker, and after a few seconds, a staff walk in to us and ask what we’re looking for. “Speaker” we told. She shown us their displays and gave us our moment to decide which unit to buy. Unlike other boutiques, they keep on following and asking you as if you’re going to steal some thing. We asked for their best speaker, and she gave us their 3995 php speaker. We’re surprised. We asked for other speaker and they (yes, the staff and the guard) gave us th 1,700 php speaker. The guard told us that it is perfect for small budget customer. Okay.. We’re not into that budget. We’re around the 3000php budget.

We ended up buying the 4000 – 5 php speaker. They tested it, told us about the warranty, and how to use it. We paid through the cashier the packed it. Everyone is smiling. You can say that it’s because they sold something, but it really felt great to see everybody wearing their smile.

As we get out the boutique we heard them saying “thank you”. I recommend electroworld in SM Bicutan, for their nice staffs and guard, but not for the prices.




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