How Can I Get People Read My Blog?

12 02 2010

It is the question we keep on asking as a first time blogger. Of course, we don’t just post articles for us to read, we post it because we want other people to read it and leave a comment about it. Before we get started please answer first these prerequisite questions:

  • What is the domain name of your blog?
  • How old is your domain name?
  • What is the URL of your article?
  • What is the title of your blog?
  • What is the title of your article?
  • What is the purpose of your blog?
  • What is the main topic of your article?

We just need those answers later. In order for people to view your site they must know it’s URL, we can just tell them the URL then they will type it on the address bar and hit ENTER, OR they might discover a link to your site then they will just have to click it. Now which is more convenient? Of course, we prefer the second one, and I have to tell you it is more effective for generating traffic to your site.

So what should I do?

  • Believe it or not you should make your first post least noticeable
    • Post at least 5 high quality content posts
    • Just first and don’t make an effort to promote it

If people visited your blog and it contains one article, do you think they will go back? Don’t make an effort to promote it nor to demote it, just leave it hanging there.

  • Make your blog rank top in Google or other search engine
    • Do some SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Don’t panic if your blog is not included in search engine’s result especially if the domain name is new. If not, your URL is just lacked of exposure. Sometimes, the domain name can affect the result of search engines, if you use Domain name that is the same with your title, it can increase the possibility of getting your page to top of Google’s result.

  • Use your online popularity, use social networking accounts
    • Share a link to your blog page with your Facebook, MySpace, etc.
    • Tweet your link.

The fun way of exposing the URL is through social networking. Twitter is one of the surefire ways to get readers; if your followers love reading your tweets they might also try reading your blogs.

  • Join forums which are related to your blog.
    • First things first, get acquainted

Moderators or other members might suspect you as a spammer if you’re just new to the forum and all you do is endorsing you site.

  • Once you knew some members, and members knew you as well, ask them to read and rate your blog

Actually you just want them to read your blog, but asking them to rate it as well will lessen the suspicion of you being a spammer.

  • Final rule about forums, contribute and don’t spam

Some forum sites allow you to put a signature for every post, use this as an advantage and create a link to your blog.

  • Get it bookmarked, Social Bookmarking
    • Use your social bookmarking account and submit the URL of your blog.
    • Ask your friends to bookmark it also.

Actually, we’re done answering the main question “How Can I Get People Read My Blog?” we get some people read our blog and that’s for sure. The next thing you might want to know is “How to increase traffic to my site?” and “How to make viewers return to my site?”



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12 02 2010
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It reads, That inner critic was quickly tempered by the encouragement of people who followed me along on this journey. Get Backlinks

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