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10 11 2009

Twitter is a free social networking site that let you update your status just by answering the question – What are you doing? Twitter is very easy to use and yet it has many uses, there are two roles to take care of.


Follower. You can’t be a follower if you don’t follow anyone. Following is easy, you just need to view someone’s profile for example my profile, then below the profile name and the profile picture you could see a button labeled Follow but if you followed the person already you won’t able to see the button on the profile page, just a word saying Following, see that’s easy.

What is the benefit of being a ‘Follower’?

If you follow someone, you would be able to read his/her tweets (term for updates that was post by the user) straight from the home page of your twitter account. You will also be updated about his/her tweets from time to time.

I don’t want to follow him/her anymore his/her tweets are becoming so annoying!

If you can’t stand it then leave it. You could Unfollow a person anytime you want, just go to your home page, click on following, look for the person you want to stop following, you could see a gear-like icon which signifies options, click on it then a set of more options will pop-down click on Unfollow then voila, you’re not following that person anymore.

Followed account. That means you’re the one who’s being followed. As a followed user you just simply do what you usually do – tweet!

What is the benefit of getting a follower?

Followers read the tweets of the person that they follow, so that means the more follower you have the more people will read your tweets from time to time. It’s like you’re speaking in front of several people and they’re willing to listen to what you say.

I don’t want to get followed by this person!

I think, the worst thing you could do to your follower is to block him/her. Blocking a person also prevents the certain person from following you. That’s not a good thing to do, I believe that people sign-up to twitter to share so I don’t know what will be the reason to deprive someone’s right to read your tweets. Anyway, here’s how to block a person. On your home page click followers, then the list of people that follows you will be display, click the gear-shape icon and choose block.

What else can I do instead of those things that were said above?

I will not explain specifically the uses of other features, so feel free to discover their uses.

Direct Message



Things you should know about twitter.

Mentioning. Mentioning a person in a tweet is easy, just see my example.

Follow me at twitter @nikkodelumen.

The mention part of the tweet is @nikkodelumen. Twitter creates a hyperlink to a word that starts with @, and if you click the word @nikkodelumen on a tweet, you will be direct to URL see the logic? No matter what you put with @ you will be redirect to page with + the word with @. You can see tweets that mentioned your username by clicking the @username (username indicates your own user name, so for my situation it’ll be @nikkodelumen) on the home page. Then you will see the tweets that mentioned you.

Hashtags. Hashtag is almost the same with mention. It is also use in a tweet for example:

A #blogabouttwitter is always been so cool.

You must got it right, #blogabouttwitter is the hashtag. Twitter creates a hyperlink to the word that starts with #, exactly the same as mention but you will be direct search result of the hashtag, so in the example above, if you click on the word #blogabouttwitter you will be direct to search result of #blogabouttwitter.

I think you’ve learned a lot about the basic, so I leave the remaining for you to discover.

Visit twitter now by clicking here, or type on the address bar of your web browser. Follow me on twitter,



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10 11 2009
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