5 11 2009

I’m really new into blogging, and I’m so excited to share what I can share to the world.

Why Bother Blog?


Blogging is one of the most powerful tool to inform everyone on the internet these days.

  • The main reason that I started to post a blog is because I really want to share what’s on my mind then receive feedback from those who read my blog.
  • Improve my English. In order to let everyone read my blogs I wrote it in English so that language barrier won’t be an issue.
  • Popularity. I’m not really into fame thing but think the more popular you became the more readers will visit your blog. I don’t want to just post a blog then no one will read your blog. Popularity affects the main factor why I post blog — share information.
  • Money. Blogging can also be a money making machine. Through advertisements that will be display on your blog, you can get paid by those companies that your blog has an advertisement of. Though most people is in dire need of money including me, money is not the thing here. Money should be the last thing we should take care of. Advertise only those products/services that you want to advertise. Don’t just advertise for money.

What Topics to Blog?

Most blogger suffer at thinking what to blog. Blogging is not always been so easy. You can come up with a topic but will the readers be interested with that topic? Since I’m new to blogging I can suggest only few things.

  • Come up with a topic that you think will trend. It’s always better to post a blog about it before it become more popular, if you post blog while the topic is at the peak of it’s popularity, your blog will be just added to millions of blog about the same topic. Blogging is almost like a race in terms of getting a topic.
  • Take a tight grip of a certain topic. Your subscribers will be interested with your early blogs then after a sudden you switch your topic into something that is far (or not) related to your previous blogs, your subscribers might be annoyed then unsubscribe to your blog.
  • Pick a niche that is more likely you. If you start blogging with a topic that is most likely to be in your field of interest then in the future blogs you won’t run out of topic to discuss. It can somewhat affect on Take a tight grip of a certain topic, one’s you’re armed with a topic that is most likely you, you won’t give-up the topic so easily and had so many more things to blog about.
  • Be unique. In contrary to the Come up with a topic that you think will trend. Uniqueness of a topic really helps, the more unique the topic is the more attention it will get. and besides, there will be no competition.
  • Timeless topic. Pick a topic that won’t fade after a weeks, months, or years. Timeless topics will make your readers go back to your blog after (let’s just say) a week.
  • Choose a topic that will help your advertisements. Or vice versa. Ads won’t just make you earn money, it can also help your blog to gain popularity. For instance, your niche is about photography, an advertisement about paperclip won’t work. If you had an advertisement about camera, you helped the product by gaining popularity of your blog then suggesting the product to your readers, once the product was purchased the reader might go back to your blog and learn more (or again) about photography.


Some people like me don’t want to be famous, but the thing to consider is how will I make more people read my blog if I won’t make my blog so popular. Okay, since I’m not into popularity thing I can only suggest few things (as few as one). Make some noise. You had to spread the URL to your friends, then let them spread it. You can also share the link to other blogs or social networking sites.


If you got to this part then, good job. You got the right topic, you gain popularity. Now the thing is you need to keep it from fading.

  • Maintain Topic. As what I always said, keeping on the same track is also keeping readers go back to your blog.
  • Maintain Popularity. Readers read what they want to read, so if your blog contains harsh words.
  • Maintain the Information Sharing. If you can’t keep your blog updated then make sure to reply on their comments. Readers don’t want to be ignored, and so as bloggers.

Readers’ Role

Blogger are meant to blog, Reader are meant to read. But reader can be as powerful as (or more powerful than) the blogger.

  • Read.
  • Comment.
  • Share the link to friends.

those three can help the blogger, and can also ruin the blog. If they do those three in a positive way, they can help the blogger (and of course the blog). But if they put bad comments, share the link to those people who won’t like what’s written on the blog, then they’re destroying the blog.

I’m a newbie blogger. I haven’t try those things above, so please let me know if they’re not effective. So that I could remove or edit them. Have fun Blogging.



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5 11 2009
Mr WordPress

Hi, this is a comment.
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7 11 2009

Hi there! Nice, so your starting blogging again? ^_^

7 11 2009

Yup, Starting all over again is not that easy. I’m looking forward for this blog. Anyway, thank’s for droppin’ by.

19 01 2010
Lala (n__n)

hi, can you help me how to blog some “things” etc.? thank you..(n__n)

19 01 2010

Sure, I’m always here to help. Please clarify what do you mean by “things”. Anyway you must first know what you want to blog, or what are you good at. If you want to gain much traffic from readers, an informative blog will do, cause readers love those kind of blogs, otherwise you could also create a personal blog. 🙂

19 01 2010

@Lala: I just want to ask what are the things you want to blog. Please specify that, so that the author can help you out in what you really want. Thanks. (cnO ibblOg mo ung buhay ni ɯɐɹʌıu) LOL. ^_^

20 01 2010

Very well said, are you sure the author is a newbie blogger? More power to your blog.

21 01 2010
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21 01 2010

Nice article you got there this article inspires me to make a bog but I don’t have yet an Idea what topic should I blog

31 01 2010

I suggest having a photoblog where you can post photograph that you’ve taken, then just add captions about when or where you’ve taken the photo. Some bloggers just combine text and photos, to add effect on each of their posts.

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